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The new LA Gear Lights will be in stores December 12, 2009, but like so many times in the past, we are going one step further for our customers. In response to a frenzy of interest for the LA Gear Lights, we decided to offer a pre-sale at 11:59pm on Thursday night, November 26th - the start of BLACK FRIDAY. If we thought customers could wait until December 12, we’d hold out, but we’re getting calls all day long about the LA Lights, and we had to go the extra mile.


We had a great time offering the new generation of the Unstoppable Line of sneakers. LA Gear kept it all authentic, as if we were still living the dream in 1989-1990. We also brought back the Stardust line just to make sure all of our fans got what they wanted.


LA Lights will be offered in White/Silver, Green/Light Green, Black/Purple, and Navy Blue for men; Red and Gold for women.


BEVERLY HILLS, CA, July 29, 2008 - Top indie retailer Sportie LA and LA Gear-owner ACI are teaming up for a relaunch of the LA Gear brand, with product expected in select stores by mid-December. SLAM, Sportie LA's content and marketing eGency, is overseeing marketing and promotion for the endeavor, which focuses primarily on late 80s product.

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It has been almost 20 years since these original LA Gear styles have been in the market, and we feel like it's time to bring them back," said ACI's Lance Jackson, Director of LA Gear Specialty Product. "It's a project LA Gear is very confident and excited about!"

"We're building our effort around the connection that people have with this brand," SLAM Director of Marketing Justo Diaz stated regarding the outfit's campaign, which will include Web sites, commercials, print components, and events. "Our audience comes to LA Gear from all angles; some connect at a point of nostalgia, while others seize the opportunity to be part of a vibrant era for the first time." 

The new LA Gear line will be offered exclusively at Sportie LA for a limited time, before expanding to select retailers.

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For Any Personality.

With four stores in the Los Angeles area, a newly opened outpost in San Diego, and a clientele that reads like a Who's Who of fashion-conscious celebrities and Sneakerheads, Sportie LA is synonymous with cool sneakers. From retro styles to shoes and sneakers that are instantly classic, Sportie LA lives up to its credo, "For Any Personality," and is considered one of the chief influencers on today's sneaker scene.