Fjällräven doubles down on authenticity

Fjällräven doubles down on authenticity

Our customers are always on the lookout for something new. And after 30 years of trend-spotting, we also know that SportieLA loyalists don’t just want the latest thing: they want authenticity. Well, we may finally have outdone ourselves with the introduction of Fjällräven to Melrose Ave.

From backpacks to parkas and other gear for all kinds of weather (and we mean the harshest of climates), this brand from Northern Sweden has been a go-to for more than 50 years. But for Fjällräven, functionality, durability and dependability are just the beginning. This brand represents technical prowess with purpose, and they are now upping the game on another level: sustainability.


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Enter the Re-Kånken. Coming in Summer 2016, the next-gen iteration of Fjällräven’s iconic Kånken backpack is a game-changer. The backpack’s fabric, webbing and logo are all made from a single yarn of 11 recycled PET (plastic) bottles. The fabric is spin-dyed, reducing the use of water, energy and chemicals. The result is not only an increase in sustainaibity but also a monochrome look that sets it apart from the original.

Fjällräven’s larger goal is to become the most sustainable global outdoor brand. We want to celebrate that endeavor as we welcome this amazing brand into the SportieLA family. Each month, from now until the release of the Re-Kånken, we will share sustainability tips with our readers, letting them know how they can have an impact (and a smaller footprint!) as we march into the future.

Since our customers enjoy their outdoor lifestyles and since this article features a backpack, this month’s tip makes perfect sense:

We want you to create your own “urban eco-pack” for life on the go. Depending on your lifestyle, this eco-pack can include a food container (so you don’t need plastic bags or styrofoam boxes when you get take-out food), utensils (same), and your personal water bottle or thermos. You may already have just the right backpack for the job. But just in case, we know a brand whose gear is in line with your pursuit of sustainable living…and you can find it all right HERE.