“liberate yourself” on Facebook with CCILU USA

With the presence of the CCILU USA page on Facebook, the next evolution of the comfortable sneaker is within reach. Launched last week, the new FB page is the best place to preview the brand’s upcoming Horizon collection. It’s also a great way to familiarize yourself with the CCILU lifestyle, epitomized by an impressive, eclectic group of CCILU Ambassadors for 2017.

That lifestyle is rooted in the mantra, “liberate yourself,” and with good reason. Wilson Hsu liberated himself from his career as a banker, founding the CCILU brand in Japan in 2011. Its first product, “Amazon Summer,” won the Silver Award of the Best Designed Products in the 72nd Tokyo International Gift Show. By 2014, CCILU was being sold in more than 60 countries.

Beginning in February, Master Chef Martín Berasategui, whose restaurants have earned 8 Michelin Stars (more than any other Spanish chef), becomes 2017’s first CCILU Ambassador. Look for Chef Martin to share inspiration via videos and photos about his journey – and the drive that’s gotten him where he is. “My parents fought very hard to get me to dedicate myself toward another occupation, because this life has always required great sacrifice,” he recalls. “But the ‘poison’ of the kitchen was already in my blood and all I wanted to do was cook.”

Clearly, CCILU is ready to get cookin’, so follow this emerging brand on Facebook and find out more at the newly launched CCILU.com!